I Decline The Offer But I Love The Attention!
Inspired by those who have gone through gender reassignment and have courageously chosen to connect their old lives and accomplishments to a new life, a new name and a new gender; Deena Kaye Rose decided to write her story in hopes to inspire and ease the pain of others who may have had that feeling of “Am I the only one who feels like this?” Born, Richard Dean Feller, in Butler, Missouri and having grown up up in Bronaugh, Missouri, with a population at the time of 214 souls; this ‘boy’ grew up to become one of the most recognized Nashville songwriters of his time with over 400 songs published and around 200 of those recorded and released worldwide.  The songwriter also received 10 BMI Music Awards for most performed songs of various years including two “Million-air” awards for songs that have played over a million times in broadcast play in North America alone.
With all the success and the life as a talented artist, nothing felt as good as letting her true self be.
Deena Kaye Rose went on to lecture at the University of Georgia, Vanderbilt University, Bellmont University, University of Illinois and still performs her classic Country hits.
Today Deena lives her  authentic life in Las Vegas Nevada.